Stay close to the Lord. People are asking us, “How do we give?” 

This is a season of opportunity for the Kingdom.

1.  Go online to the website and press on the giving button.
2.  Go on “The Rock Church” App… look for “therockchurchdanville” … download the App  (make sure you put in the word ‘the’) if you don’t already have it. Once you have the App – you click on the “Give” button.
3.   Come by the Church, Monday- Thursday 9-4 pm. You can drop your Tithe or Offering there.
4.  Mail your offering or tithes to: The Rock Church, 20 Poland Rd.,  Danville, IL 61834
5.   Pick Up – If you live in town & are not able to get out…. we will come by your house and receive your offering that way too.  (Text us at: 217-260-0720.)
Thank you for your faithful stewardship to His Kingdom. Keep sowing to God.
There are Seven Benefits to the tithe. Malachi 3:10-12.
Whatever the enemy is attacking….TAKE the Word. SPEAK the Word,
DECLARE the Word & PRAY the Word over the situation / over your life.
As the Body of Christ…..(Mark 16)….. Our job is to share the Gospel, the message of Jesus. Jesus died on the cross to pay the price for our sin. If we believe in our heart and confess with our mouth we can have everlasting life. Jesus paid the price. We share the Gospel message and it sets us free.  Rom. 3:23; Rom. 6:23.
The Gospel message includes us to ‘Prosper.’ III John vs.  2….God wants us to prosper. “Prosper” in the Greek means, ‘to have everything you need that God has called you to do.’ It also means that you would be healthy & that you would have the mind of Christ.
The Seven Benefits of the tithe, (Mal 3.)  Read it & speak those blessings over your life & your family. Believe God!
Seven Benefits To Tithing:
1.  An Open Heaven.
2.  A Poured-Out Blessing.
3.  God Will Rebuke The Devourer.
4.  You Will Have a Harvest. 
5.  Your Fruit Will Mature. (Your children will wax strong  & grow strong in spirit.)
6.  You Will Have Favor With The Nations.
7.  You Will Be a Valued, Desired Land.
Take the area of your life right now that you need victory in. Believe God for a harvest as you tithe to Him! Be led by the Holy Spirit. Do what He tells you to do. Communicate with one another through Texting, Calling, Facebook, Facetime, etc. God will bless you. We love you all!
Pastors Randy & Bonnie Downing