Randy and Bonnie Downing are graduates of Christ for The Nations in Dallas, Texas. Pastor Randy has been a teacher of youth ministry at CFNI, Youth Pastor, praise and worship pastor, and full time missionary in Bulgaria for ten years before becoming Sr. Pastor of his home church the Rock.  He also holds certification in addiction relapse counseling, and marriage counseling.  Pastors Randy and Bonnie Downing shepherd the church together. Bonnie has a bachelor’s from Whitehorse school of ministry, preaches on a regular basis, oversees all the volunteer ministries of the church, and is administrative secretary. Bonnie is also certified in marriage counseling. They have one son Zach.
Randy & Bonnie Downing
Ryan and Kendra O’Connell are former youth pastors at Christ Church in Racine, WI. They both grew up in the area and are thrilled to have the opportunity to share Jesus with the community of Danville. They bring with them two sons Izrael and Ezra who are their parents greatest joys! Ryan graduated with a bachelor of arts in biblical studies degree from the School of Urban Missions. He is currently pursuing his master’s degree in organizational leadership through Indiana Wesleyan University. Ryan is also a part of Jeanne Mayo’s Cadre. Kendra graduated from Catlin High School and went to Evangel University where she studied psychology and youth ministry for a year and a half. She works alongside Ryan with the students, she helps with Sunday morning worship, and she is also a freelance photographer!   
Ryan & Kendra O'Connell / Associate / Youth Pastors
Janette is the director of our Family life skills Counseling center and our praise and worship director. She has two children. Janette is currently enrolled in a bachelor’s program at Whitehorse school of ministry. Janette is very involved in helping us build our generational pipeline of ministry.
Janette Reynolds
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